Dirk Henst

my projects, business and some thoughts about how I see the future of several subjects.

Fiction or reality, how to check your sources.

december 24th, 2012
Facts or fiction journalism

The digital landscape is a blessing for getting more hooks and sources to your news articles. Was there ever a period in the past where it would be possible to get a tip for a news angle in a split second? Read about the 5 tips when using the internet as your news angle.

Social media like facebook, twitter, google+ or even pinterest can be great tools. But how do you seperate the right from wrong and what is the truth out there?

Future of journalism (part 2)

december 22nd, 2012
Future of journalism

The whole landscape of media production is shifting (remember the time where everyone was saying that the internet would change the way we consume and publish news?). Well I think it took us a little more by surprise then we will admit now. In about 80% of the production houses the standard way of news production is still in place like 10 years ago. All of this because the focus still is on print  but the shift of consumption changed rapidly and we are getting way behind in this race. What is news and how do we consume it?

Authorship for journalists, become the expert!

oktober 30th, 2012
Authorship become the expert

Journalists use to be the experts in their specific area. And yes I am saying use to be… I think most of the journalists became lazy and forgot what there job was about. In the near future you have to get the authority back to survive in the digital age. The authority will be used by google to verify the content you wrote is good enough to be indexed (or at least have a descend position in the google index). But now I am getting ahead of the game.

Future of journalism (part 1)

september 30th, 2012
Future of journalism

What is wrong with journalism? In my opinion everything. Could journalism survive in the internet ages and what would the role be for a journalist nowadays? What has changed in the past ten years and why is the “new media” taking over? What is the future of journalism?

In the past years I have been reading a lot about the change in journalism and how to deal with the change in media consumption. Although everything is pointing towards a different reading behavior the production of “content” has not changed. And to my humble thoughts, that’s where it’s going wrong.

Foto’s vakantie Noorwegen 2009

juli 28th, 2009

Nadat we in 2006 13 dagen naar Noorwegen zijn geweest hebben we altijd gedacht nog een keer terug te gaan. Toen we afgelopen jaar onze vakantieplanning vorm gingen geven was de keuze eigenlijk al snel gemaakt: Noorwegen. De natuur, mensen en sfeer in het land hebben we nog nooit ergens anders gezien en het heeft de vorige keer zoveel indruk achter gelaten dat we dit weer mee wilden maken. (sorry dutch only)

Dirk Henst

my projects, business and some thoughts about how I see the future of several subjects.

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